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However, if you have the courage to engage in an exploration of the mysteries of the deep, the Omis Diving Clubs offer courses for intrepid beginner divers. Depending on the level of diving experience, they even offer night-time dives. Divers can go to depths of fifteen meters in the Cetina canyon. There they can see the remains of David's Bridge and Mostina, a former stone embankment made by the local pirates to ground enemy ships. In the nearby sea, the wreck of a former merchant ship lies at a depth of twenty meters. The diverse sea coast also offers underwater caves and overhangs, as well as diverse plant and animal life. At a depth of thirty meters you can tour ancient sites — the last resting ground of ancient amphorae. Vruja is a symbol of the sea's endlessness, and as such it entices all veteran divers. This undersea abyss has numerous lovely caves, which have only been explored to depths of about one hundred meters.

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